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A complete solution for hosting a private extension gallery where you can upload either your own custom Visual Studio extensions or public extensions that you wish to distribute internally. You can rate the extensions just like on Visual Studio Gallery and you will see the ratings and the download count inside Visual Studio when browsing the gallery.

For details on this solution, please see

Note The original solution, that uses the Atom Feed protocol, is still available in a separate v1 branch. This blog post describes that solution

Server Installation

Follow these steps to install the gallery:

  1. Install the prerequisites:
    • Internet Information Server. Make sure that you select ASP.NET 4.5 and WCF –> HTTP Activation:

    • SQL Server. Any version here will do.
    • Web Deploy. The easiest way to install this on the server is by using the Web Platform Installer. Run it and select Web Deploy 3.5 without bundled SQL support:

  2. Download the latest release by using the Download button to the right here
  3. Extract the zip file anywhere on your web server
  4. Open a command prompt on the web server and browse to the location where you extracted the files
  5. Run the following command:

    Inmeta.VSGallery.Web.deploy.cmd /Y

  6. This will deploy the web application beneath the Default Web Site in a virtual directory called InmetaGallery
  7. The application will be default run using the IIS application pool identity. If you want to continue doing this, you need to give this account proper permissions on the SQL server. This can be done using the following SQL script:

    CREATE USER DefaultAppPoolUser FOR LOGIN [IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool];
    EXEC sp_addsrvrolemember 'IIS APPPOOL\DefaultAppPool', 'dbcreator'

  8. Verify that the web site work by browsing to http://SERVER/InmetaGallery
  9. Verify that the gallery service works by browsing to http://SERVER/InmetaGallery/GalleryService.svc


Client installation

To register the gallery in Visual Studio, you need to execute the registry file that is also available on the download site. Before running it, open the file and change the URL to your server (see step 9 above)

Hope you wil lenjpoy the gallery, and post any issues, feature requests or comments on this site!

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